Optimization of cross-collateralized Credits +++ Reduced Risk +++ Ameliorated Credit Conditions

OCM Test Run

Any financial institution considering the purchase of a solution such as our product OCM will most likely want to know how the use of the product can benefit its operation.

There is no simple generalized answer to this question.

Credit portfolios, credits, collateral / guarantees, special characteristics during the credit / collateral allocation and the customer structure of financial organisations differ considerably.

Optimization Methods responds to the diverse demands of the financial industry by offering a free test run on a user-defined credit portfolio, giving potential clients a practical example of the benefits that their organisations can derive from our products and services.

The advantages of an OCM test run at a glance

  • no contractual commitment
  • a clear assessment of potential savings
  • practical experience of the flexibility built into OCM
  • a chance to evaluate ease of deployment and improvements to approval and controlling
  • proof of guaranteed Return on Investment

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