Optimization of cross-collateralized Credits +++ Reduced Risk +++ Ameliorated Credit Conditions


For the majority of use-cases OCM will be embedded into the core banking system of the credit- and collateral data administration on the central host.

To facilitate the integration Optimization Methods develops a customer specific I/O module in close cooperation with the client.

The implementation further includes the reformatting of specific formats and the processing of essential customer specific parameters, as well as the adaption of the I/O module to accomodate specific individual rules for declarations of intent / purpose.

Wherever feasable we repurpose already existing interface modules in order to reduce the implementation time and effort to a minimum.

OCM implementation at a glance

  • individual consulting
  • bespoke I/O module
  • flexible individual customizations
  • integration of client-specific optimization criteria
  • fast and efficient delivery

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