Optimization of cross-collateralized Credits +++ Reduced Risk +++ Ameliorated Credit Conditions

Optimized Credit Risk Mitigation

OCM is based on a revolutionary mathematical method developed at Optimization Methods. It delivers unparalleled performance and flexibility.

OCM produces daily calculations and evaluations of a bank's credit portfolio at hitherto unachievable speeds, while the product's flexibility allows for seamless integration of changes in credit balances and collateral values.

With its fully customizable parameter-driven I/O layer OCM can easily accommodate evolving technical requirements.

Clients receive an optimized assessment of credit risk leading to an optimized employment of capital in conformance with Basel II rules.

The same optimization method that drives our tools for batch processes also forms the core of our interactive applications.

OCDA - Optimized Collateralization Dialogue Application

This interactive application gives employees in charge of loans easy access to clearly arranged views of assignments of collateral to loans as well as the risk of large credit exposures, which simplifies the process of assigning collaterals to credits significantly.

The OCM core of the application recalculates and displays the ideal collaterization on demand.

Data Management for Collateralized Loans

You can utilize our know-how to add highly performant enhancements to your data management for collateralized loans.

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